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We are guides on your cloud journey.

We specialize in IT services, focusing on Salesforce and UKG (Kronos) consulting. Our offerings include Salesforce consulting, development, administration, and Kronos optimization, alongside free consulting hours and comprehensive health checks.



- Tailored guidance for Salesforce implementation and optimization.

- Expert advice to align Salesforce with business objectives.


- Customized solutions to address unique business requirements.

- Development of Salesforce applications tailored to specific needs.

Salesforce Administration

- Efficient management and maintenance of Salesforce instances.

- Configuration and customization of Salesforce features and settings.

Salesforce Resource Augmentation

- Access to skilled professionals to supplement internal teams.

- Flexible staffing solutions to meet project demands and deadlines.

Salesforce Data Migration

- Seamless transfer of data between systems with minimal disruption.

- Ensuring data integrity and accuracy throughout the migration process.

Salesforce Integration Services

- Streamlined integration solutions for enhanced system functionality.

- Integration of Salesforce with other business applications for improved efficiency.

Salesforce Managed Services

- Ongoing support and maintenance for Salesforce systems.

- Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure optimal performance.

Kronos (UKG) Consulting

- Expert guidance for Kronos (UKG) system implementation and optimization.

- Assistance in aligning Kronos solutions with business processes and goals.

Kronos (UKG) Optimization

- Strategies to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Kronos systems.

- Tailored approaches to optimize workforce management and scheduling.

Kronos (UKG) Managed Services

- Comprehensive support and maintenance for Kronos (UKG) solutions.

- Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure system reliability and performance.

We are a leading IT consultancy firm.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value.

Sales Cloud

Maximize business competitiveness in dynamic markets.

Service Cloud

Enhance customer connections for improved satisfaction.

Revenue Cloud/CPQ

Facilitate quick sales processes for telecom and healthcare.

Field Service

Optimize mobile workforce for timely service deliveries.

Marketing Cloud

Automate marketing to boost sales in consumer health.

Experience Cloud

Deliver customer-centric digital experiences efficiently.
Our Area of focus

Things we concentrated on

Platform Expertise

Leveraging Lightning and Classic for tailored solutions and interfaces development.

Seamless Integration

Expert Salesforce consultants ensure smooth data migration and system integration.

Proactive Support

Dedicated Salesforce resources for continuous monitoring, security checks, and issue resolution.

Our Salesforce consulting services offer strategic guidance tailored to your business objectives.

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