Feed tracking and History tracking

Salesforce has 2 standard/declarative options to track changes to fields over records, but there is a limit to the total number of fields you can enable under both options (which is 20 fields same for both)

Chatter Feed tracking:

This option allows you to show updates over field changes in the chatter feed of the record. This helps mainly in the collaboration between teams and to see what has been changed over the record over time.
The way it works is, once the selected fields are enabled in the feed tracking, SF detects the changes over record fields and updates them in the record feed.

Steps to Create Chatter Feed Tracking:

Go to setup in Salesforce🡪search feed tracking🡪 under chatter and click feed tracking
In the above image, the status field has a value of “in progress.” If someone modifies this field, the change will be captured in the field tracking chatter.

some of the features are:

Field History tracking :

Steps To Enable Field History Tracking:

The image demonstrates that the object’s field tracks both the old and new values, capturing all changes. However, for fields of long text data type and multi-picklist, only the changes are shown, not the field’s values. Let’s take an example to illustrate this.
In the provided image, the description field is of the long text data type. It is only captured when it undergoes a change and does not display the original and new values.

Where to see field history:

Get the field history in your Apex code: