How to automatically submit the record for approval using the salesforce flows. Let’s take an example, to understand the auto-submission of an approval process using the flows, where the sales reps submit the opportunity record for approval manually to their manager and therefore the record gets approved automatically if the Discount Percentage (number field on Opportunity) on opportunity is less than 15%.
After approval, the final approval actions are performed which include the field updates, sending an email to the opportunity owner.
The field to be updated is ‘Approval Status’ (picklist field on Opportunity) which is set to Approved. If the Discount Percentage is greater than 15% then manager will plan to approve it or not. If the manager rejects the approval, final rejection actions are performed where the Approval Status field is updated and set to ‘Rejected’ and the email alert is sent to the opportunity owner.

Approval process looks like:

Basic requirements of Approval Process:

Steps for Creating the Flow

The use of the rest of the fields here are –